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Pneumatic pumps

The full-flow pumps of the TF series for wells produced by DIMACO S.a.s., make it possible to operate without need to external controls or sensors. The pumps are in fact able to check inside the fluid level, starting and stopping in function of the same, without a timer, electrical connections, immersed sensors or otherwise. They are recommended to work also in presence of solids in high quantities and in highly corrosive environments.
Data Sheet:

  • The pump head, made of stainless steel, is realized by the full;
  • The body pump is made of stainless steel;
  • Float made of foam;
  • Sealing valves made of Viton and O-ring in NBR;
  • Balls made of PTFE/INOX/NBR;


  • Kit Skimmer for active and selective recovery;
  • Only for TF4: water evacuation system from the bottom.

The pumps TF series produced by DIMACO are realized in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/ECIn planning and construction it was considered and obtained compliance with the Essential Requirements of Safety and Health. In particular it is noted that during operation the moving parts are inaccessible and that during the adjustment and maintenance operations, carried out according to established procedures, do not expose themselves to risk operators.
Types of PumpsTF4TF4TF3TF3TF2TF2
Diameter90 mm90 mm80 mm80 mm48 mm48 mm
Pump MaterialAisi 303-316Aisi 303-316Aisi 303-316Aisi 303-316Aisi 303-316Aisi 303-316
Total Lenght135 cm132 cm108 cm105 cm90 cm80 cm
Supply Pipe10x110x18x18x16x16x1
Delivery Pipe1''1''3/4''3/4''3/8''3/8''
Air Working Pressure2-8 bar2-8 bar2-7 bar2-7 bar2-8 bar2-8 bar
Max Flow Rate25 l/min35 l/min20 l/min40 l/min7 l/min13 l/min

The pneumatic pumps of TF series can be configured in two ways Top and Bottom, respectively with top loading or with charge from the bottom, according to the specific needs of the customer. The Top versions can be equipped with active skimmer for the recovery of the supernatant product only. If the flap excursions are high you can equip the pump with the Skimmer water evacuation system from the bottom to retrieve only product.
Top Configuration:
The top configuration thanks to the introduction of the fluid in the body pump from the top is particularly suitable for the recovery of the supernatant product (LNAPL).

Bottom Configuration:
In the bottom configuration the entrance of the fluid in the body pump from the bottom allows the heavy product recovery (DNAPL) and it allows to obtain a higher flow rate.

Active Skimmer:
This system is used for the recovery of the supernatant product only, being able to follow the movements of the flap due to the presence of the float floating with a calibrated specific weight. 
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