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Pneumatic control panel

There are two different types of control panels produced by DIMACO s.a.s., one for the control of automatic pumps (HWSO) and one for the control of total-fluid pumps timed (HWSO-T), but these products may be configured according to customer requirements, they can be integrated with a PLC control system and remote display, or with only tires blocks for areas where electrical systems can not be used. Through an indicator of the water column level, the control panels allow you to easily see the correct position of the pump inside the well without the need to external equipment. The locking pneumatic system for high groundwater level , High Water Shut Off , it allows to lock the pump when the water table exceeds the level of the maximum stroke of the active skimmer, so as to avoid the pumping of water when you want to retrieve only product .

Data Sheet:

  • Manometer Ø50mm 0-14bar to control the supply pressure;

  • Manometer Ø67mm to estimate the water column level;

  • Filtration system to protect the timers and logic elements ;

  • Stop system in case of high level in the well (HWSO) ;

  • Stop system in case of max level in the tanks ;

  • Pressure regulator with automatic unloading system;

  • Pulse counter for monitoring the well productivity;

  • Visual indicator of the pump in operation.
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