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Who we are

The company was founded in 2011 by the will and years of experience acquired by the members. Dimaco is an engineering company that invests and operates research and technological innovation. The company mission is to offer on the market a dynamic company that stands out for its ability to create a coordinated and integrated projects and products in the industrial automation sector. The company is towards their customers as a single entity in which are combined the expertise of various technical disciplines in order to make unitary and consistent both the design phase, prototyping and production.
DIMACO s.a.s. operates in the industrial machinery sector and automatic plants; designs, develops and licenses self made products that for third parties, the main activity is the manufacture of machines and manual equipment, automatic and semi-automatic, included the manufacture of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic panels, with PLC.
DIMACO s.a.s. has adequate professional and technological resources that enable it to operate with the same expertise and product offering, in various technologies and industrial sectors.

Technical Department :

The technical department of DIMACO s.a.s. works closely with his client for the full development of the project by choosing the materials to be used in order to obtain the best  technical solutions at the lowest possible cost. DIMACO s.a.s. promotes CUSTOMER SATISFACTION using for  the whole process of design, construction and testing high-profile professional figures.

Why choose Dimaco:

  • To choose to work with a solid company , in continuous expansion , with constant orientation to growth;

  • For the high quality of personnel;

  • Because it offers solutions to 360 degrees for the development of High Tech projects and products .

  • For the timeliness and efficiency in responding to the needs of client companies , thanks to strong corporate culture "customer oriented " .
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